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Sunday, December 19, 2010

McDonalds McOatmeal!

McDonald's joining Starbucks with oatmeal

More evidence that oatmeal for breakfast is a growing trend:
According to the L. A. Times, McDonald's restaurants will begin selling a maple-flavored oatmeal mixture for $1.99 beginning this week. The cereal will also contain apples, raisins, cranberries and cream and will be served in a cardboard cup. McDonald's has probably seen the success that Starbucks has had selling oatmeal over the several years ago. Jamba Juice has also added it to their menu.
Oatmeal is a great comfort food, and gives McDonald's a new, healthy option for breakfast guests.
Will this contribute to a further surge for oatmeal and hot cereals in general?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Alice Cooper to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Industry insiders are reporting that rock and metal legend Alice Cooper will finally be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on March 14, 2011 at its 26th yearly induction ceremony.
Alice Cooper began as the lead singer and frontman of the band of the same name with the release of their debut album, Pretties For You, in 1969. Cooper launched his solo career in 1975 with the release of the concept album, Welcome To My Nightmare, an epic recording that was produced by the brilliant Bob Ezrin.
Cooper established himself firmly in the era of shock rock and early glam metal — his career spanning beyond 30 years, and releasing songs such as School’s Out, Poison, Hey Stoopid, and Brutal Planet. He is known for his concept albums, and theatrical live performance that featured the “execution of Alice Cooper” every night — usually portrayed as death by guillotine. He’s left such an impact on the music world and would eventually become a massive influence on almost all sub-genre of metal.

It appears that all members of the original Alice Cooper band might be in consideration for this Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction, as Alice Cooper released a statement saying, “On behalf of Dennis (Dunaway), Neal (Smith), Michael (Bruce) and the late great Glen (Buxton), we are honored to be nominated for induction in to the Hall. Anytime you are nominated in your chosen profession, it’s definitely a compliment to be recognized”.
Alice Cooper will be inducted along with Neil Diamond, Tom Waits, Dr. John, and Darlene Love at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan, which will be televised live on Fuse.
In the meantime, Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin are continuing work on Welcome To My Nightmare II, an album penned to be the sequel to the original continuing the story of “when Steven met Alice Cooper“. Cooper states that the new album is “more bloody” than the first, and according to Wikipedia, there are also indications that original Alice Cooper bandmates Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, and Michael Bruce have reunited with the frontman for three new songs on the album.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Return of Zaborgar!

Well this is a welcome resurection of one of my childhood favorites. The 70's was a great time for japanese tv. There was just so many cool shows too watch! Kiakader,kamen rider,Ultraman,Space Giants ect... Then of course you had the dinosaur shows that hit big in that decade,Izenborg,Dinosaurfaustus, Monster Prince, ect... Even Zaborgar got in on the act in it's second as he faced off against the Dinosaur Army.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Were doomed....NASA has found an Arsenic based life form on earth!

At a 2pm EST press conference later today, NASA is expected to announce that they have found an alien life form on Earth, in a lake in California (of all places). Now before you go wrapping tinfoil around your head and holing up in a makeshift bunker with a rifle and an AM radio, the life form is a simple bacteria and it's being described as "alien" not like the blue-light special aliens of SKYLINE but more in the basic sense of the word: An organism that appears in a region to which it is not native. UPDATE - As BojacRedleif points out below in the comments, NASA has not yet confirmed the bacteria is technically "alien" but are expected to speak more to its origins later today.
So why do I share this with you? Has Steven Spielberg already optioned the life rights to the bacteria. No, not yet but this is truly science fiction come true. I'll spare you the nerdy details but all Earthlings are made up of six basic elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. This new bacteria replaces phosphorus with arsenic, something that has never been seen before. It obviously proves that forms of life radically different than humans exist in our universe and, well, may be on their way here to battle for supremacy and suck our brains out.
Details on exactly how NASA came to find and document this new lifeform will be revealed later today and we'll update accordingly. But if you've seen HUBBLE 3D, you know just how mindbendingly large the universe is and with this new discovery, it's hard not to think that movies we once thought of as science fiction could soon become science....non-fiction?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Benji remake???

Most kids today probably have no idea who or what BENJI is but that's about to change. Fox and Walden are teaming up on a reboot of the classic film series about a heroic stray dog. Writing and directing the film will be Joe Camp, Jr. (LOVE HAPPENS) who just happens to be the son of Joe Camp, creator of the franchise.
Camp says he's launching a nationwide search to find a new Benji with hopes that, like the original dog, he can find a stray in a dog pound.
He said he paired with Walden because they're interested in the "true emotional journey that Benji went on." Benji went on an emotional journey? I think the kids, specifically that poor little girl bound and gagged in the poster above, was slightly more emotionally traumatized that Benji.
The original BENJI cost only $100,000 and went on to gross over $40 million.