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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mega Shark Vs. Mecha Shark! No really!

Yes the Mega Shark is back! The worlds goverment's decided to build a Mega Mecha shark to slug it out the Mega Shark! I honestly thought it was played out with Mega Shark Vs Giant octopus, Mega Shark vs Gateroid ( wich got it's own sequel Gatoroid vs Mega Python no less.) and the unrealeased Mega Shark vs Gigantosaurus.

Use the above link to check out the wild ass trailer!

Godzilla VS The Wolfman is a real movie!

Often spoken about but never really confirmed. Well at G-Fest footage was shown of this amazing labor of love and yes Toho is aware of it and are allowing it to be finished they even provided an old Godzilla suit and props for it! The film isn't finished yet as it is done when time money and crew all converge in a perfect storm. Here are some pics of this monster-piece in the making!

Now if I could finially see Son of Tor(it was screened at one the early G-Fests) that feature's Godzilla slugging it out with Ymir...sigh....

Long time no see, sorry about that.

Been a wild year for me. Liebig still way to egotistical and pissed at me and doing his best to sink by forum bashing every new member by banning them because he thinks every new person who joins is me LOL!

Became a grandfather and had to care for my new granddaughter (Genisis) for nearly three years and find myself missing the little sprout terribly now that she's back with her parent.

Well all future post will back in line with you expect from crazygroovcool I promise.