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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bring Elvira home to stay with you!

At long last I can have Elvira laid back on the couch waiting for me at home! WhooHoo! This is a a plastic Aurora style Kit from Mobeious Models the successors of Polarlights. With Elvira heading back to tv stations to do what she does this is perfectly timed and fantastic!

I can remeber the days when kits like this were resin garagekits and set you back hundreds of dollars.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Return of the Fundimensions Haunted Glow Heads!

Yes sir! There being resurrected under the MPC label and have all the glow parts and snap together just like they did in 70's! So much crazygroovycool stuff!
The are going to be around 20 bucks each, much cheaper than trying to get the originals of ebay thats for sure! Heck at that price you can afford to open them and build them! Sweet!

Revoltech Ray Harryhausen Skeleton Warrior!

Wow! This is truely prop qaulity and you could easily use this to make your own stopmotion animation flick! Revoltech is really pouring it on! It's hard to imagine this was the company that made generic super poseable robot figures not all that long ago isn't it? I can't help but wonder whats next...?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Funko The Fly Wacky Wobbler!

For awhile I thought I had enough of Funko after Becker was outed. I was getting tired of the repaints and so forth. Then I saw the Saucerman,Gort, and Robby and I was sucked back in! I waited to see if there would any more horror sci-fi Funko's coming. So I waited and waited and then The FLY! There just hasn't been enough classic Fly stuff made!

Go Lions/Voltron Shogun Warrior!

Quite a while back I wrote about the return of Jumbo Machindiers. I did not expect this! Retro Shogun warriors! First up is the Go Lions better known to us as Voltron! I can already hear my wife saying "Another robot toy? you have more toys than a Toys 'R" Us honey!" Very true.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus

Will the Asylum ever stop with this? Is the Mega Shark there Gamera? When I first heard of this it was Mega Shark vs Gigantosaurus, but I guess they wanted to rip off Roger Cormans Dinocroc and Supergator flicks. I wonder what else the Mega Shark will face of against? Colossal Alien Hunters perhaps?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spiderman the Musical is frighteningly real!

I've heard about this for quite sometime and always hoped it would never get off the ground, but god help us here it is! The funky metal chic with the sharp edges is a villian created especially for the production and her name is...Swiss Miss???????? I kid you not Swiss Miss! Alrighty then....

This is what Spiderman directed by Tusi Hark would look like on film.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Invisibleman vs The Fly! Yes This was a real movie!

  Yes way back in the 50's there was a japanese Invisibleman flick and it did quite well so a follow-up was made. In it a man aquires the ability to shrink himself to the size of a housefly and uses this ability to commit murder of beautiful ladies. The police dub him The Fly.  A physicist developes a machine to make objects invisible and he and his colleagues decid to use it on the physicist to make him invisible so he can stop the murderous Fly. This reminds me of an unmade Toho follow-up to the Human Vapor where he was to battle a human torch type of person.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Godzilla the Animated series on Netflix streaming!

Yes the movie it's based on suck scales! The toon though was quite good. What made it good you ask? Well for starters the gave the beasties fire breath and a but load of monsters to sqaure of against. My personal favorites were the three part story arc that essentially was an updated Destroy All Monsters epic! I also like the episode where it fought the giant Robo gorilla. Netflix even has a couple of episodes that never aired in the USA too!

Now if they would get of there tails and put this on actual dvd/blu-ray that would rock! The two or three three episode discs from a couple years back just don't cut it!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Revoltech Rodan!

I love revoltech figures! Rodan looks incredible! I'm hoping and praying for Gorosaurus and Sanda to come down the pipe from Revoltech.

Acme warehouse the movie??????

Yes you read that right? A movie based on the Looney Tunes A.C.M.E warehouse. The logic is that Locationcentirc flicks like Night at the Museum 1,2 and the upcoming Disney Magic Kingdom have (and in MagicKingdoms case will) do well at the box office. The one point that really strikes me as odd is that absolutely no Looney Tunes characters will be in it? How can you have a A.C.M.E. movie without Willey P. Coyote? Seriously how can you?