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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apples IPAD is total crap!

I had the chance to monkey around with one of these and well lets just say it's a over hyped useless piece-o-crap! Why you say? Well it doesn't have any usb ports, so no hooking up digital cameras,printers ect.(in fact scratch printing all together, so much for the class room applications.),doesn't support flash so no luck seeing a huge amount of video on line, no way to load software except through apples store online at a stupidly high price, the keyboard as it is doesn't work very well and it's $499.00! Thats alot of dough for a semi useable device don't you think? Sure opening sales will be big, but after people see it for the crap that it is many will be returned and sales will drop dramatically.

If Steve Jobs had put some more effort into this gizmo's developement he just may have had a winner on his hands, but all he produced was a big IPhone that doesn't make calls. Whoopee fragging do!

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