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Monday, October 18, 2010

Peter Venkman on the Spike Scream Awards!

For years now we have been teased and waited for Ghostbusters 3. For years the biggest road block was Bill "freaking" Murray. Recently serious talk of Ghostbusters 3 was flying around, a new script, Ackroid saying it's a go, Ramis saying it was a go, Weaver saying it was a go, and Murray being a dick about the whole thing. Was any of it for real?

Fast forward to Zombieland and Bill Murray plays himself and shows his house guest Ghostbusters in his home theater, his character is the SDCC exclusive for the retro Ghostbusters figures, He then says he would work with everybody on a new flick! hearts skip a beat! The Bill goes back to dick head mode talking shit about the project, then the Scream awards and well see for yourself....

Are we or are we not going to get Ghostbusters "freaking" 3?

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