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Monday, January 17, 2011

Alrighty then....

PIKES PEAK, Colo. -- Millions of visitors come to Colorado Spring each year to drive to the 14,000 foot summit of Pikes Peak, but one man has an idea that would attract some visitors from out of this world.

UFO Phil Hill, 40, wants to build a 480-foot tall pyramid on the summit to attract aliens.”A lot of people talk about pyramids. They say they buried Pharaohs, and that is true in the smaller ones, but the larger one was a power plant,” said Hill.

Hill has created a mini version of what the pyramid would look like. He said the real pyramid would look exactly like the great pyramid of Giza.

Hill proposed that it be built the same way as the one in Egypt. He suggested that it be built out of limestone so massive that it would take 57 men to lift one block, which he estimated would weights 2.75 tons.

“Those guys would have to carry them all the way to the top of Pikes Peak,” said Hill.

He said he would also help by touching the stone, feeling the energy of the vibration. “Because I am in contact with the aliens; they put there vibrations into (me),” explained Hill. He said he would pass vibrations into the brick.

Hill, who moved to Colorado Springs last March from Spokane, Wash., claimed that aliens visited him and gave him the idea.

He showed KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13 a drawing of a blue colored, human like figure, which he said is named Zaxon. “He comes to me and tells me thing.”

He said Zaxon is from the planet Zaxon, a planet unknown to scientists, to help Hill spread the idea of a pyramid refueling stations. Hill hopes to generate enough buzz to get leaders in Colorado Springs on board with the idea.

Hill, who has several videos on YouTube, music for sale on iTunes and a movie that was recently released, may just be looking for publicity. For this interview he dressed in a blue and yellow jumpsuit and is well known to callers of the radio show “Coast to Coast AM.”

KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13 contacted both the city of Colorado Springs and the U.S. Forest Service to see how they feel about Hill’s plan. City leaders have heard about the plan, but said they never have received a call or e-mail from Hill.

“My assistant has called them (city of Colorado Springs) 142 times, but no one has returned his calls,” said Hill.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Forest Service said Hill hasn’t submitted a plan, but that they would look at his proposal.

His plan may not be well received by the Forest Service. He would like to eliminate the visitors’ center and coffee shop to fit his 480-foot pyramid on the summit

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