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Friday, March 18, 2011

Early April Fools? See The First Image Of Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman!

The immediate thought that comes to mind when looking at the very first image of Adrianne Palicki in full costume as the title character in NBC’s reboot of the superhero series, Wonder Woman, is that this has to be some kind of joke…right? April Fools’ Day is close, but it’s not here yet, correct?
To be perfectly blunt, this image is pure pain to look at and the endless difficulties had while trying to produce a movie and TV series based on the property make a whole lot more sense now. Think of every Wonder Woman Halloween costume you’ve ever seen, and know that 90% of them are likely better than this.
Be sure to click on over to the other side to see the first official image from NBC’s new Wonder Woman and speak your thoughts freely in the comments below!

These words may seem harsh, yes, but when something like this is being made you like to see that some sort of effort is being put in and, so far, no, there’s none here. We can only hope that much like that unpleasant first peek at Thor way back when, the show itself will look much better than this.

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