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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thundercats HO!!!!!!!!! Cartoon Network!

Back in late 2009, it was reported that the planned THUNDERCATS movie at Warner Bros. was dead in the water. While it's possible we may still see a movie somewhere down the line, the plan was shifted to relaunch the brand via a new toy line and a new cartoon series on WB's Cartoon Network. Well the time has come when we to see our first image of what the new era of "ThunderCats" will look like:

That's Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra via Warner Bros. Animation (no word yet on whether Snarf will return). As you can see, they're given a new anime-style look and a leaked pic from the London Toy Fair shows Cheetara has another anime staple: huge boobs.
It's unclear when the series will begin airing on Cartoon Network but it is set for a 2011 debut. What this means for a possible THUNDERCATS movie remains to be seen but if you ever want to see Cheetara shaking her cleavage on-screen, you might want to tune in.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Alrighty then....

PIKES PEAK, Colo. -- Millions of visitors come to Colorado Spring each year to drive to the 14,000 foot summit of Pikes Peak, but one man has an idea that would attract some visitors from out of this world.

UFO Phil Hill, 40, wants to build a 480-foot tall pyramid on the summit to attract aliens.”A lot of people talk about pyramids. They say they buried Pharaohs, and that is true in the smaller ones, but the larger one was a power plant,” said Hill.

Hill has created a mini version of what the pyramid would look like. He said the real pyramid would look exactly like the great pyramid of Giza.

Hill proposed that it be built the same way as the one in Egypt. He suggested that it be built out of limestone so massive that it would take 57 men to lift one block, which he estimated would weights 2.75 tons.

“Those guys would have to carry them all the way to the top of Pikes Peak,” said Hill.

He said he would also help by touching the stone, feeling the energy of the vibration. “Because I am in contact with the aliens; they put there vibrations into (me),” explained Hill. He said he would pass vibrations into the brick.

Hill, who moved to Colorado Springs last March from Spokane, Wash., claimed that aliens visited him and gave him the idea.

He showed KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13 a drawing of a blue colored, human like figure, which he said is named Zaxon. “He comes to me and tells me thing.”

He said Zaxon is from the planet Zaxon, a planet unknown to scientists, to help Hill spread the idea of a pyramid refueling stations. Hill hopes to generate enough buzz to get leaders in Colorado Springs on board with the idea.

Hill, who has several videos on YouTube, music for sale on iTunes and a movie that was recently released, may just be looking for publicity. For this interview he dressed in a blue and yellow jumpsuit and is well known to callers of the radio show “Coast to Coast AM.”

KRDO NEWSCHANNEL 13 contacted both the city of Colorado Springs and the U.S. Forest Service to see how they feel about Hill’s plan. City leaders have heard about the plan, but said they never have received a call or e-mail from Hill.

“My assistant has called them (city of Colorado Springs) 142 times, but no one has returned his calls,” said Hill.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Forest Service said Hill hasn’t submitted a plan, but that they would look at his proposal.

His plan may not be well received by the Forest Service. He would like to eliminate the visitors’ center and coffee shop to fit his 480-foot pyramid on the summit

Dire Straights in dire straights? Canadian Gay men offended????

Canadian radio station have been warned to censor the 1985 Dire Straits hit "Money for Nothing," after a complaint that the lyrics of the Grammy Award-winning song were derogatory to gay men.
A St. John's, Newfoundland, station should have edited the song to remove the word "faggot" because it violates Canada's human rights standards, according to ruling this week by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.
A unnamed listener to OZ FM in the Atlantic Coast province complained to the industry watchdog last year after hearing the song, which features Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler and fellow rock star Sting.
The council said it realized Dire Straits uses the word sarcastically, and its use might have been acceptable in 1985 when the best-selling "Brothers in Arms" album was released, but said it was now inappropriate.
"The decision doesn't really relate to the Dire Straits song at the end of the day, the decision relates to the word in question," Ron Cohen, the council's chairman, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
OZ FM argued unsuccessfully that the song has been played countless times since it was released more than 25 years ago, has won various industry awards, including a Grammy in 1986, and remains popular with listeners around the world.
The ruling comes in the wake of an uproar sparked by a U.S. scholar who decided to publish an edition of Mark Twain's novel "Huckleberry Finn" that would remove the word "nigger" to make it less offensive to some readers.
Although the Dire Straits ruling only sanctions the St John's station, it means other Canadian radio stations could get in trouble it they air the song without censoring it.
The Broadcast Standards Council is a non-governmental industry group that administers ethical standards established by its members, Canada's private broadcasters
Dire Straits dissolved as a band in the 1990s after a string of hit albums.
(Reporting Allan Dowd; editing by Rob Wilson)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Holy crap-a-roo!!!! Tesla tech cereal boxes!!!!!!

Is this the future? Some wild technology is here right now, and it could just be revving up to change the world as we know it.
At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, many demonstrations were shown off. One of them involved a new wireless technology that would deliver a whole new type of power source to our homes and beyond.
For the demonstration, Fulton Innovation — the technology’s creator — brought along some shelving and surfaces that look pretty much like any other shelving or surface you might look at. What’s not seen, however, is power surging through these surfaces, which makes some very interesting things possible. The most entertaining of these, for those who aren’t interested in the scientific stuff, are cereal boxes; they look just like regular cereal boxes, naturally, but when placed on these special surfaces, the cereal boxes illuminate playfully. Something sure to catch the eye of any passing child. But that, my friends, is just the beginning.
While light-up cereal boxes are cool, they’re also not all that useful. What will be useful is the ability to develop this into something that could make our world completely wireless. What also might be useful is the charging capabilities: toys, batteries, and virtually any other item that would require charging can be placed on these surfaces, effectively boosting their juice.
On top of that, they also have surfaces with similar capabilities that would allow you to boil a pot of water, program basic cooking commands, and simply place your pan on the surface to commence. They even have special containers of soup with built in heating coils that allow you to put the soup on the surface and walk away as it heats itself up.
These things alone are enough to blow my mind a thousand times, but the company isn’t stopping there. Other ideas they’re working on is putting these surfaces in parking garages and parking spaces everywhere, which would allow us to charge electric cars whenever you park! And with the mass availability of a technology like that, our reliability on gas in everyday life could and would dissipate ferociously.
Insanity, I tells ya!
You can learn more about the company by visiting their website, and you can see much more. You can also find a bunch more videos on YouTube showing off what this company is working on, just search “eCoupled at CES.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gotham High the series?????????

Thank god this never made it past the planning stages. This is what the DC Universe would be like with Diablo Cody as Editor in Chief.

We all go through incredible changes as teenagers: growth spurts, bad skin, a sudden insatiable need to uphold justice and avenge your murdered parents…. Well, that is if you’re Bruce Wayne. As if being a freshman at Gotham High wasn’t tough enough, Bruce’s insomnia and technological fascinations are taking their toll. Instead of spending his time studying, he has begun to obsess over an emerging personality trait: Batman. But under the watchful eye of his guardian and steward, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce is forced to put his intelligence to good use: graduating high school. But given his classmates, can Bruce survive Gotham High?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mega Python vs Gatoroid



Source: NBC / Universal

In what promises to be the television movie event of 2011, 1980s singing sensations Debbie Gibson and Tiffany get down and dirty in their long-awaited pop princess smackdown when they co-star in the ripped-from-the-headlines Syfy Saturday Original Movie, Mega Python Vs Gatoroid, which will premiere Saturday, January 29, at 9PM (ET/PT).

A production of The Asylum, Mega Python Vs Gatoroid takes an up-close-and-personal look at the crisis in the Florida Everglades where invasive Burmese pythons are threatening the indigenous alligator population. Gibson portrays a fanatical animal rights advocate who spends her evenings “liberating” illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores and setting them free in the Everglades, where the pythons grow and thrive.