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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rare comic pressing/cheat/doctoring in new overstreet price guide!

Rare comic pressing/cheat/doctoring in new overstreet price guide!

Seems a small company has perfected comic book doctoring aka "pressing" to signifigantly inflate the already infated graded comic book market. They have a full page ad in the new Overstreet Price Guide bragging about how they have developed a technique that is undetectable by CGC's pro graders(and I use the term "pro grader" losely people.) so as not be labeled restored and as such bring a much a higher price by duping buyers with doctored comics.

Chances are those record sales for comics were due to "pressing". The add clearly brags about an amazing fantasy 15 being doctored from a 6.0 to a resubmitted to CGC 7.5 adding 30 plus grand to the final auction price!

If people will pay stupid money for stuff crooks will invent ways to maximize that potential gain on there behalf.
With this bit of info and the knowledge of Legendary/Mastro Auctions(currently under federal inditment for fraud no less.) knowlingly shilling, and doctoring high end sports items with The PSA( the 2.8 million Honus Wagner recently auctioned by Legendary was trimmed by Legendary to make it look better and the PSA knew it was trimmed and still gave it a grade of 7 PSA is also being questioned by the Feds.) card graders helping the scam along this really isn't much of a surprise is it?

High end collectables are rapidly becoming high risk.

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