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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our "Munchies" are under siege!

The Prez's ball and chain is behind this.

I didn't slug it out in Kuwait,Afganhastan and Iraq to have somebodies do as i say not as i do wife deny me(or anyone else for that matter!) the right eat whatever the hell i/they want and as much as i/they want!

{This ranks up there with this-Sally(gidget) field thought we were paid too much in the army and didn't deserve a pay raise because we got tiny bottles of tabassco in our MRE'S}

Revolutions have been started over goverment over reachings like this you know... Nobody elected her she wasn't on any ballot I ever saw.

Should a candy company (Mars) really be concerning itself with health and nutrition? Shouldn't it leave that to the tofu makers? Low-calorie candy bars are like vegan butter. What's the point? Why not add probiotics and flaxseed meal to their candy bars while they're at it? Maybe some organic wild salmon oil? It's candy for petes sake! Whats next sugar free slushies?

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