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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ultimate delusional douche wad Jason Liebig

I've known him for years and personally I've found his ego to be way out of control for the last two years. He can't/won't accept the fact that he's not a curator (it's takes at least two-three degree's to be one.) he's nothing but a self deluded hoarder. I've brought this up to him on a public forum cerealbits (a forum for fellow trash lovers and hoarders that think old food packaging is highly valuable and a safer investment than stocks and bonds  {some of whom think paying 4000-5000 for a Fruit Brute cereal box is wise and shrewd thing to do} with whom he's the hypocritical hamfisted admin of.) and he went apeshit! He also went to great lengths to brow beat me with several long winded looking down his nose at me rants for daring to question his um shall we say "credentials" LOL! This action on my part ofcourse got me banned for life from cerealbits (boo fragging hoo LOL! At first I enjoyed the forum but soon found it's infighting, brow beating and petty B.S. to be unbearable so I set out too expose the silliness of it all and managed to get myself banned a few times along the way LOL! ). I took some pointless crap from Mike Speth aka Astronit (a Grown man with a pathological obsession for mini plastic figurines produced by R&L.) for telling someone that there modern Wheaties boxes were utterly worthless and pointless to try and sell on ebay as is a true and honest fact.

   It's just 10,000 plus smegging candy wrappers, not high art or culturally/intellectually significant. Flatout nothing to be proud of having or bragging about to the world at large about! For a grown man to have a staggeringly massive amount of garbage stashed in the closet of his New York apartment is seriously deranged to say the very least, but to primp and preen about it and think it makes you important and worthy of respect and praise is totally off the rails of sanity no matter how well organized and documented it is! He's been interviewed a couple times and this feeds his ego and delusions. The funny part is he's so deluded and stupid that he doesn't even realize that he's just being used for freakexplotation LOL! People love to look at and ogle freaks. How else could explain the Kardashians "fame"? Ignorance truly is bliss! (at least it is for Jason Liebig and his ilk LOL!)

   A hobby is a healthy past time and a great way to relax and have some fun (heck I collect a few things and I'm sure many of you reading this do aswell within reason like me.), but obsession and the idea that what your doing is culturally important and historically meaningful now and to future generations plus having a massive stash of thousands of candy wrappers hidden in a closet and being terrified that someone else may want them for themselves or keep you from getting more of yesterdays garbage for your prized hoard of literal trash and yet taking every opportunity to self promote it and it's importance compounded by lashing out at anyone that questions it's worth or the general drive too achieve such a pointless amassment are the workings of a seriously fractured mind.

To put it bluntly you'd have to be eff'n nuts to go those ridiculous extremes wouldn't you?

   Kurt Lawarence aka opiecrunch also fits this bill as he has a truly obsessive compulsive behavior to have one or more of every cereal box ever plus he thinks he will fund his retirement with proceeds he will get for selling them in the future! He has also feuded with Jason Liebig to great comical effect. Jason Liebig also royally pissed of a new member to forum using the monicker count, he wanted beat holy living the crap out of Jason Liebig for being a jerk to him on the cerealbits forum.

   You have to wonder what can take a man from being an editor for a major comic book publishing company (he was the editor of Marvel Comics X-Men line in the 90's. Fired for telling his boss Bob Harraras f-u to his face wich was not the best of choices to ensure long term job security.) and a sometimes actor and summertime bartender for a s&m leather gay bar(he claims to have a "girl friend") to where he's at now... Perhaps he's a high functioning autistic adult? He even bragged/wrote and posted pictures about digging a hole in parents yard a few years back about his quest to find an old snack chip bag(Tasty Mix) that his family buried in one of several trash pits on there property. Guess they were to poor to afford trash pick-up and or to lazy to burn it LOL!

   I've known drug addicts who were more level headed than Jason Liebig...

  Sorry for the rant but I really had to blow off a little steam.

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