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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Cannibal Chicken Eaters!

  I figured the out there chicken poultry horror mutation thing had ran its course with flicks like Blood Freak and Troma's Poultrygiest. Theres also a giant chicken Kaiju flick in the works about a giant chicken monster from outerspace in developement aswell! What hell do I know?  Now that I have you scratching your heads wondering what i'm on about i'll give you some plot details. A couple is having relationship problems and are at a local chicken shack. she likes the dirty bird but her man hates the stuff. A pair of money lusting loons at the Broiler Chicken factory try to amp up there product and bank accounts with a few additives that have some out there side effects, like turning anyone who eats it into a mad as hell cannibal! you would think they would want to make them wild for more chicken, but like I said earlier in this post what the hell do I know? It also seems that mutations occur in people who have partaken of the cluckers meaty goodness. I wonder what Col. Sanders would make of all this?

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