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Friday, March 5, 2010

Why is that funny?

     It's a question I asked myself decades ago watching SNL. The bit of perplexing contemplated humor in question was a bit about the View Master and it's really cool 3-D wich is so the it thing with Hollywood these days. First up was Sandy Duncan giving a great pitch about the marvelous 3-D of the view master, then she used it. She clicked the lever a couple of times and seemed a bit bewildered and tried again now seeming quite upset and claimed it was a piece of junk and stormed off the set. Next up was her replacement the candy man himself, Sammie Davis Junior! He went threw the pitch extolling the wonder of 3-D and then he also tried to demonstrate the View master with the same disastorous results as sandy Duncan.

      I sat there in front of the tv asking myself why was that funny? After several hours of deep thought on the subject it came to me! Sandy Duncan and Sammie Davis Junior both had glass eyes and as such neither one of the two had any depth perception!

      I had this old memory flash back to the surface after hearing that the producer of the Fringe tv show is developing a feautre film based on View Master, 3-D ofcourse....A 3-D movie about 3-D glasses...

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