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Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy smeg it's true! Legendary Pictures is making a new Godzilla movie for the USA!

I've heard about this project for quite some time but I didn't say much about it due to the fact I never really expected it to happen, especially after the Tri Star mess! Legendary pictures is partnering up with Warner Bros to do this like they teamed with them to make 300 and The Dark Night. So I have some faith that this will be a Godzilla we can recognise. They(Legendary) Say they want to go for the elements that made the old Godzilla films great and stay authentic to the characters! To me that says alien invaders, super science weapons and another big monster to throw down with! Toho will be handling the Japanese distribution of the flick. As I learn more about this I'll share the info. I wonder what the promotional stuff will be like? Fast food toys,cereal,ect... The flick is scheduled for a 2012 release! Maybe this will light a fire under J.J. Abrams ass to get a sequel to Cloverfield of the ground all fraging ready as his dream of an iconic american monster is being washed away.....

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