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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lost Japanese King Kong movies

Contrary to popular belief Godzilla wasn't the first giant monster to invade Japan. King Kong beat him to the punch by 21 years! The first was titled simply enough Japanese King Kong it came out in 1933 from the Shochiku company and was directed by Torajiro Satio. This some what simular to the concept of Spainish Dracula wich was released in the same year as the original Dracula.

The Next Japanese King Kong movie was King Kong arrives in edo in 1938 in it King Kong arrives in  Edo (modern Tokoyo) of Japan. It was Produced by the Zensho Kimena studio. Sadly all that remains of any of these films is just one claimed lone photo of Japanses King Kong and the interview of the man who did the special effects for King Kong arrives in Edo on Sci-Fi Japan In wich he States it was Japans First Special Arts film.

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