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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ultraman Tiga back on tv in the USA! In Northern California anyway....

If your in Northern California you can catch 18 episodes of Ultraman Tiga uncut with english subtitles on channel UTB!  Cool! Sucks it's in such a limited area. Episodes air Saturday and Sunday mornings two at a time. I remeber when it made its american debut of Fox's Fox block saturday mornings. Fox block was great but short lived sadly. They had a lot of shows that came and went with out warning and always mixed up the schedule so you never really new when your show would be on. Tiga started out comedy style dubbed ala USA's Nightflight Dynaman then subtitled(The announcement/promo for this was "When dubbing just isn't enough!") but after half a season it was gone forever.

You would have thought it would have had legs with the kids, seeing as how Power Rangers still chugs along. Kamen Rider also seems to have a good foot hold on american tv aswell.

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