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Monday, March 1, 2010

TolToys Ghost Gun

You will notice a trend in my musings that I lean towards the odd and esoteric side of things. I really love stuff like this and simply can't live without it. I will go to stupid lengths to aquire it! This niffty item hails from the land down under. It was being sold by a man from Brussles, he was  six feet tall and full of muscles. A really cool toy that allowed you to "shoot" ghost on any surface! Gotta love it! What rattles alot of other collectors is the fact that I play with a lot of the stuff I seek out. They totally freakout when the see me tear open a comic bag to read the cool precode horror comic inside, I hear things like "No you fool it's cgc rating is ruined!" I look'em sqaure in the eye and say it's mine, all mine, laugh like a madman and read it cover to cover!

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