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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Monsters" a new and strange film being brought to us!

Magnet releasing has aquired the rights to a very out there flick titled "Monsters". The basic set up is this. A Nasa Space shuttle crashed in Mexico and various alien life forms got loose in the enivorment and well things are very bad. Invasive species are bad enough to deal with when they come from earth so you can imagine the eco-chaos something like this would cause. A very skaken american tourist couple shell out some serious bucks to a Mexican river boat captain in an attempt to make it back to American border of the uninfected zone(the Infected Zone is quite a large chuck of real estate that is loaded with monsters from outer space of varying types.) and the trip is quite a harrowing experience for all involved.

The clip I saw was quite chilling and effective. It featured our protagonist on the river boat at dusk with the crew trying to get the boat going again and then something start moving in the water almost looking like a fin. It moves closer in a some what random pattern then it breaks the surface and it revealed to be an F-14 Tomcat! The people look somewhat releaved and surprised(wouldn't you be?) until they stop a moment to think what brought the plane up to the surface?  Right at that moment a haunting whale like cry is heard. Seriously creepy and atmospheric!

They have my attention! How about yours?

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