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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roger Cormans Sharktopus is on the way!

It's really true! The nasty critter will run rampant around a mexican resort after getting out of the U.S Navy's control from there Somali pirate extermination program(use of guns and rockets would have attracted unwanted attention it seems from various goverments and would have caused quite a stir in the U.N.). Only Roger Corman could set up an out there concept like this and make people want to see it! If they get the band It came from Pier Thriteen to do the theme song that would be the cherry on top! There are t-shirts and whole discusion forums dedicated to the up coming SyFy channel freak show! I know this much it has to be better than Asylums Mega shark versus Giant Octopus(Yes I fell for the hype on that one two.) or the old italian flick Monster Shark.

The overall design reminds me of the sea monster from Deep Rising, as the Sharktopus is being rumored to have multiple mouths and be plain stange looking. The other hottly talked about point is that will be a giant monster/kaiju, though that has yet to be confirmed. Word is corman doesn't think the design is weird enough yet! How much wierder can it get than it isn't already? It's a freaking shark with tentacles! Speaking of giant water monsters what ever happened to Brian Yunzas flick Amphibious? You know the one about the giant prehistoric Sea Scorpion run amuk.

America needs more giant monster flicks especially after J.J. Abrams wetted the american appetite with Cloverfield and now he needs to get his ass in gear and make a new one! He wanted America to have an iconic giant monster in the same league as Godzilla is in Japan. Well that will take some doing seeing as big G has 28 movies under his belt and is literally everywhere in Japanese culture. Cloverfield barely even had a monster in it for petes sake! He even went so far as to say Heroes,Lost and Cloverfield were all in the same universe and then went no where with that concept. Get to fragging work Abrams!

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