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Friday, March 12, 2010

James Cameron way too greedy, want's to re-release Avatar this summer!

2 freaking billion plus not enough?????? James is belly aching that the surge of spring 3-D blockbusters took away box office for Avatar and it's potential earnings!!!! Wow! Not even Donald Trump is that arrogant! So He is going to re-release his over blown snooze fest on the world at large with never before seen footage.... the rumored sex scene perhaps? whooppeee! I saw this waste of time in 2-D so I wasn't distracted by the 3-D and could see the movie. Plot wise it ranked up there with Plan Nine from Outer Space, I just don't see the world wide appeal of nine foot tall wican smurfs and corn ball one liners. The story was a direct rip off of Dances With Wolves or it's own rip off The Last Samurai. Just because I was bored to death by it doesn't mean anyone who enjoyed it and loved it is by any means stupid. Everyone has different tastes and likes and dislikes.

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