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Sunday, March 21, 2010

INGAGI! Granddady of the hoax documentary!

           A little while back the estemed Cryptozoologist Loren Colemen over at Cryptomundo had brought out a topic called sex and the single sasqautch, now before you all go Beavis and Butthead on me with the huh-huh-huhs this was a very serious topic of discussion, still is actually. It touched on aspects of hybridization of humans and apes. The oliver theory was brought up, an account of a curious sasqautch coming to see a porn chic at her trailer(the clip of this unlikely event and most likely a flat out hoax was on national tv.) and a few people touched on the old russian scientific experiments in the late 50's early 60's to impregnate volunteer human females with chimp semen via artifical insemination.

          This whole thing kept diging at the back of my mind about something I had seen many years ago but couldn't recall it, then it hit me like a bolt out of the blue! The 1930 Congo pictures release of the  so claimed real scientific documentary film INGAGI!  This was heralded as 100% real on its release! It promised flat out human female male gorilla mating and there resulting ofspring of these unnatural unions. INGAGI was supposedly the name for gorillas of that particular area. This was the film to see as the lure of the forbidden union of woman and beast was just too irresistable to the movie going public of the time!

           The flim was a complete hoax and the adventurers Sir Hubert Wienstead and Capt. Danile Swaine were totally and utterly ficticious! It definately made serious money though, it had an opening day of $4,000.00! Now I know your thinking thats nothing! Ticket prices were 30 cents so thats huge box office! Especially considering it didn't have any distribution but had to be booked theater by theater! It totally out performed all of it's competition and critics loved it! In the end RKO pictures would come out of this and from it King Kong, go figure. To this day INGAGI is considered one of the most successful promotinal campaigns ever, the precurssor to the virial marketing campaigns of today.

         Now mocumentary flicks or the famous based on actual/true events gimick is old hat, but in 1930 it was new, exciting and the public fell for it hook,line and sinker! I can almost picture Tom Biscardi as the man behind this if he was there back then.

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