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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dinocroc versus Supergator! War of the made for TV cgi Movie Monsters!

You knew this was going to happen. This also features David Carradine! Somehow both of these labatory experiments run amuk in the same piece-o realestate and the big plan for doing away with them after minor firepower  fails and the supply of hot chics in bikinis and tourist in hawian shirts is eaten up by the ramapging reptiles is to lead them to face off against each other because apparantly as one of characters puts it crocs and gators are natural enemies, much in same way mega sharks and giant octopuses are natural enemies. I want syfy to commission a movie that features all of there made for tv movie critters in a Destroy All Monsters type of mash up, they can call it The clash of everything from everything else! Tell me you wouldn't watch that!

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