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Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Lets get dangerous, again!" The return of Darkwing Duck!

    This was probably my favorite Disney cartoon series. Boom studios is either the greatest new comic company or the biggest unimaginative rider of coat tales depending on who you talk to. The latest effort by them is dust of good ole Drake Mallard, I wonder if this has anything to due with the implausible Donald Duck secret agent makeover Boom Studios just did? A team-up/crossover coming perhaps?

    The new mini series finds Drake Mallard beeing Drake mallard having long ago hung up the Darkwing Duck cape and gas gun, no longer the terror that flaps in the night but now the  average guy who mows the lawn on sunday afternoon. He finds himself pressed back into service as Darkwing when an evil corporation starts making life miserable for St. Canard and many of his old enimies: Bush Root,MegaVolt,Steel Beak, the Liquidator and several new villains run amok. Drake finds his friends and family in danger and must act! Once again terror will flap in the night!

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