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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dino Shark and Sharktopus?

    I swear those Wacky fun loving clueless goons over SyFy(why did they change from SciFi is beyound me!) Love themselves some cheese ball monster flicks. At least this time they Scored Roger Corman to be master of cermonies in bringing us these improbable beasties.

     First up we have Dino Shark! When I first heard about this I expected something along the lines of Shark Attack 3 or Megaladon, but no I was quite surprised to see a T-rex with fins, kinda like a slim Deploriadon.

     Before Roger Corman signed on for DinoShark He had another freaky Shark monster in mind to film, the Sharktopus! If you ever saw the crapfest Monstershark aka Devilfish then you have a vague idea of what this critter will look like. The reason for this improbable amalgmation of marine life to be running amok on the high seas is that it was bio engineered by the  United States Navy to combat Somali Pirates and it gets out of there control.  Like we didn't see that coming... Roger Corman says this is still coming to a tv set near you! I wonder if we will get a Dinoshark versus Sharktopus follow-op along the lines of Supergator verus Dinocroc?

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