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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This just in: New Karate Kid movie stinks! Doesn't have any Karate in it!?!?

I just saw this clunker and boy does it suck! Jaden Smith named Dre for the flick is about as interesting as a used tampon in this or anything else he happens to be in. You have weak dialog, poor direction, Jaden Smith, and slow drag along first 45 min, and the real head scratcher, NO KARATE! Yes you read that right a new remake/ass rape of a beloved 80's franchise called The Karate Kid without any Karate in it! WTF!!!!! I does feature Kung-Fu as Jaden is trained by the schools janitor/KungFu master Jackie Chan in the art of "Kung Fu" after he has the crap beat out of him several times by the school bully for him trying with all the game his 10 year old self can muster for trying to get with a girl.  So comes the competion where Jaden will face off against the bully and punk him out in front of a big crowd. Snore....

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