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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Serbian Film...The Most extreme Horror flick????

Ole shi shi boy tex over at Bloodydisgusting couldn't handle this as it was to much for him. As for me well I'm a different breed altogether. If you liked flicks like Martyrs,Inside,Antichrist,Men Behind the Sun ect... Then this is for you. far too long have horror flicks be sanitized with humor and comedy relief to ease the impact of the horror itself. This film will not offer any mercy it will be the truest and most real thing you will ever see. The real world is brutal and finally theres a film maker who has the intestonial fortitude to show it. That being said this film will be villified and reviled all over the world and it should be, your average person should never be subjected to this level of realality ever! For the rare few of us who need it to get us through here it is.

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